Welcome to my website

This website is home to some of the projects and bits and pieces that I've been working on in my spare time.

Travel articles

I've writen a series of travel articles about some of the things I learned since I started planning and executing trips abroad, in particular a mega road trip across Europe.

Rather than write about where I went or what I did there, I wanted to write about how I went about planning and executing my trip. I thought it might help people who are thinking about planning their first trip.

HelpMeLearnA1German App

The Help Me Learn A1 German App is an iPhone (and soon to be Android) App designed help students learning German. It's a simple App that contains a database of German nouns used in the A1 level German certification. It provides flash cards and tests to help you memorise them. You can install the App from the Apple App Store.

HTMLinjector project

The HTMLinjector project is a little Software application that can be used to inject the same HTML into multiple web pages. It's a command line application, written in C# dotnet core that can be run on Windows, MacOS and Linux (and I guess in theory Android and iOS). Source code is available on GitHub. Very useful when creating a static web site where you want the same header and footer on every page.